Project Title: The Problem with Vaginas

Client: Mountain Life Magazine

Recently I was told a story about a group of guys who had gone to Mexico with their wives. While the men went fishing, the women – who didn’t know each other – were left poolside to bond. I can’t recall what the point of the story was because I fixated on the detail about the women. It struck a familiar cord of anxiety within me. It was the same gut reaction that I have experienced since I was a child and have been forced to socialize based on my genitals, rather than my personality, interests or abilities.

I was seven the first time I was introduced to this stigma. I remember being sat next to a girl while both our moms watched expectantly for our friendship to instantly blossom. I took one look at the bows in her hair and her pink tights under her frilly dress compared to my dirty fingernails, gumboots, and bowl cut and realized it was not going to work. Nope. No way. I got the hell out of there. And I have been running from the stereotype that all vaginas are the same ever since.