Project Title: Rostros de mi segundo hogar

Faces from my second home is a project celebrating the community of Barra de Potosi, Mexico where my family has spent the last three decades visiting and living. 

We first visited this area of Mexico in 1984, when we returned a few years later my Dad, who was a wonderful hobbyist portrait photographer, brought prints of our previous visit as gifts. Decades later, those photographs still hang in the homes of our friends - valued more than any other gift we've given. 

When we held my dad's memorial in Barra de Potosi a few years ago we had a table of photos for people to look through. There was something about being able to hold them and share them around that made it a more intimate tribute to him. Later in the evening one of our long time friends who had been busy preparing food for the gathering waved me over. She carefully unwrapped a photo from her apron of her and my dad and sheepishly asked if she could keep it. I was honoured that it meant that much to her and I realized that these photos were just as valuable there now as they were thirty years ago. 

I have curated a collection of both mine and my dad's photographs from our community in the fishing village of Barra de Potosi in recent (digital) years and will be hanging it at the local taqueria there this month. The images will be on display with a message encouraging people to take them home.