Project Title: Having It All

Last spring, I was perusing a selection of books at a thrift store when the word 'mouseburger' caught my eye on the back cover of Having It All – written Helen Gurley Brown and published in 1983. I wondered what the fuck a mouseburger was – is it something that tigers eat or is it a tiny burger that mice eat? Moreover, I was intrigued by what ‘having it all’ meant over thirty years ago and what women were willing to do to get it. The fact that someone had already expelled it from their personal library made me wonder if they had achieved the promise the title made or been horribly led astray by it. So, I spent the $0.99 – a bargain from the original $4.99 cover price – and took it home.

Now with all the promise of New Year's resolutions in the air, I decided to take the book back off the shelf and follow it chapter by chapter to become a 1983 cosmopolitan woman. Read along as I write weekly about my transformation using 'the ultimate woman's guide to love, success, sex, and money. Even if you're starting with nothing. . . ' (thank goodness she added that last part!)