Pinkbike: The Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge - Chrystal Viper Five Cinco de Die-O

Last Thursday night Crankworx hosted the Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge and crowned a new Queen and King; Caroline Buchanan and Barry Nobles. Adam Billinghurst and Kenny Smith make up half of the team that has built the track for the last five years. Possibly suffering a little with hangovers and definitely having spent too much time together over the years, Kenny makes a good Statler to Adam’s Waldorf. 

Within an hour I had learned everything I needed to know about kangaroo hunting, Kenny had been fired twice, and I had stopped the interview when I started to learn a little too much about the twosome. 

How many years have you two been working together on this?


 Too many. And by the way you’re fired. 




 We’ve done it every year together. It has been me, Kenny, and Gunner, Chester has been there for four years now. 

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