Pinkbike: The Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge - Chrystal Viper Five Cinco de Die-O

Last Thursday night Crankworx hosted the Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge and crowned a new Queen and King; Caroline Buchanan and Barry Nobles. Adam Billinghurst and Kenny Smith make up half of the team that has built the track for the last five years. Possibly suffering a little with hangovers and definitely having spent too much time together over the years, Kenny makes a good Statler to Adam’s Waldorf. 

Within an hour I had learned everything I needed to know about kangaroo hunting, Kenny had been fired twice, and I had stopped the interview when I started to learn a little too much about the twosome. 

  How many years have you two been working together on this?

Adam: Too many. And by the way you’re fired. 

Kenny: Good. 

Adam: We’ve done it every year together. It has been me, Kenny, and Gunner, Chester has been there for four years now. 

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