Pinkbike: Race Report: FrostBike Finals 2014

Racers woke up yesterday to a powder day, loose track and freezing temperatures. Despite a frozen generator for timing and the course markings obscured by the new snowfall, the event started on time and ran smoothly. Standing at the start line, racers looked like they were dropping into a snow globe as the flurries of new snow continued all day. Most came in hot to the first berm during practice, kicking up snow as they got a foot out in time or didn't. Resort staff skied down the track in intervals to pack down the snow and by the time the race started everyone was used to the new conditions and the times were fast with some racers even boasting clean runs!

True to a grassroots event there was nothing but fun with crowd approved grandstanding, good-natured heckling and plenty of Tippie jokes. Even mechanicals and crashes that often warrant angry adult tantrums at the more serious races where embraced here with laughter and head shakes. More that anything, FrostBike gave us the chance to get in some pre-season practice, see our long lost racing friends and drink beer. 

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