First Ripper of the Year

When I saw the snow outside at 6am on Saturday morning I thought for sure that the Ripper would be canceled, but those NSMBA people are a tough bunch! The Ripper was on and it turned out to be an amazing day for photos.

I was lucky enough to get a lift in James' truck (Obsession Bikes) for the start of the race.

Thank-you to awesome photographer Corey Toews for this photo!
There were some bunnies. . .

. . . and a hospital patient. . .

. . . even Joan of Arc made an appearance!Lots of riders braved the snowy conditions for the event and had an awesome time!Even my boss, Kelli (Endless Biking)!The organizers liked the snow too!
Thank-you to all of the volunteers, ripper participants and the other photographers, it was definitely a Ripper to remember!

More photos!